Who We Are

Why the Iraqi Student Project?

The Iraqi Student Project (ISP) is a grass-roots effort to help young people who have studied in Iraq acquire the education they need to participate in rebuilding their country. To this end, ISP seeks the help of American colleges to offer these students that which the United States does very well: excellent undergraduate education.

Our Mission

The Iraqi Student Project seeks to make undergraduate education possible for qualified students who were studying in Iraq, are unable to continue their education because of the violence, and intend to return and contribute to the rebuilding of Iraq. These students are recommended for study without regard to gender, nationality, religion or ethnicity.

In the United States, ISP works with colleges and universities to secure tuition waivers or full scholarships, and with local communities to build support groups for each student.

Through its staff and Board of Directors and with the help of many volunteers and donors, the Iraqi Student Project will:

  1. Secure tuition waivers (or other forms of assistance such as scholarships) from U.S. colleges and universities for qualified undergraduates who have studied in Iraq.
  2. Work impartially to identify, screen and recommend students from Iraq for tuition waivers based on their academic records, English language ability, economic need, and overall likelihood of success.
  3. Assist leaders in local communities in forming support groups for each student and providing these groups with the advice and counsel they may need to meet the emotional, financial, and social needs of the student.
  4. Promote its mission and accomplishments to a broad spectrum of the American people.
  5. Develop a fund-raising capacity to enable its work to move forward.