ISP: Our Mission, Our Work, Our Students

An overview of the history and mission of The Iraqi Student Project. Useful as an introduction to ISP for potential supporters. May be printed directly from here--or the PDF file can be sent directly to a printer.


The River, The Roof, The Palm Tree, 2012

In 2008 we began to gather and publish some of the best writing done by our Iraqi students in their weekly Writers’ Workshop. Twice now we have added new works by new student writers. The result: The River, The Roof, The Palm Tree: Young Iraqi Refugees Remember Their Home. A supplement, featuring the poetry and prose of the "Class of 2016" is now available. You may request copies by sending a donation and your mailing address to: The Iraqi Student Project, 5459 Rosa Avenue, St Louis MO 63109. (Support Groups may order several copies at no charge to use in their own fundraising efforts.)