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ISP at Veterans For Peace Convention

Mustafa, Dr Bob, Ziad, Tom, Tamara. The Iraqi students gave terrific presentations. Their stories were eloquent contributions to the promotion of peace and justice. Madison, WI, August 7-11. Mustafa read some of his original works at the Poetry Reading on Thursday evening. He is a Sophomore at Christian Brothers University (Memphis, TN). Ziad is a Junior at Dartmouth College (Andover, NH), and Tamara is a Senior at Bluffton University (Bluffton, OH). Photo credit: Maurice Morales.

Announcing a new supplement to

The River, The Roof, The Palm Tree

Young Iraqi Refugees Remember Their Home

In 2008 we began to gather and publish some of the best writing done by our Iraqi students in their weekly Writers’ Workshop. Twice now we have added new works by new student writers. The result: The River, The Roof, The Palm Tree: Young Iraqi Refugees Remember Their Home. A new supplement to the work includes the prose and poetry of the "Class 0f 2016," eight new ISP students who began studies in the US in September 2012.

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