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Holiday News and Appeal

/Dear Friends of ISP: In this holiday season, those of us in the US can give thanks for so many things—for families and health and a safe place to live—and for the fact that we can share blessings with survivors like Safana Alomary, who had to flee Iraq after the devastating war our country waged in her homeland. CONTINUE . . .

News of ISP - September 2016

Dear Friend of ISP,
It is with mixed feelings that I send you this final newsletter from The Iraqi Student Project. First among those feelings is pride . . . pride in the accomplishments of the sixty-four Iraqi students who were prepared for undergraduate education in the United States . . . . CONTINUE

ISP Reunion: May 27-30 in Chicago

ISP Reunion: Twenty-nine ISP alumni came to Chicago, along with ISP friends and guests, to celebrate the success of the ISP mission. The theme of the reunion was "Paying it Forward."

Click to view: April 2016 ISP Newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter: In This Issue: Six ISP students to graduate in May 2016 (Mustafa, Riyam, Rand, Ahmed, Taleen, and Awss). ISP Reunion in the Chicago area on Memorial Day Weekend (May 27-30, 2016). See details in the newsletter. Calling all ISP Alumni, Support Groups, Host Families, Faculty, Board & Staff Members, Donors, Friends!


ISP Newsletter: Huda Graduates from Berea

December 2015 Newsletter: ISP’s newest alumna, Huda Al-Sammarraie, graduated from Berea College on December 13, 2015, with a double major in Economics and Spanish. Huda’s studies took her to Spain for concentrated study in Spanish. A host of friends, sponsors, and supporters were present to see Huda receive her degree. /

We're Sponsoring a Reunion . . . and we need your help

Why a reunion?
Strong friendships have formed over the years. You have been with us as we struggled together and rejoiced together. You have seen sixty-four young women and men emerge from the Iraqi Student Project with opportunities they only dreamed of as refugees in Syria. And you have been one with us, both in suffering and in success. Click on the title above (We're Sponsoring a Reunion) to read our story.

ISP News and Appeal - FALL 2015

Click on the title above to read our latest newsletter. As our 2015 Graduates take the next step toward their careers, our final Senior Class takes the last step toward their undergraduate degrees. Congratulations to both groups!/

The Passing of a Friend . . .

by ISP student Huda Al-Sammarraie, Berea College, Berea, KY
Dr. Michelle Tooley passed away on May 26, 2015, after a two-year struggle with cancer. She died very peacefully at her home surrounded by friends who were singing to her. I had the chance to see her two days before, and even though she could speak very little, she was fully aware and could remember everything clearly . . .

ISP News and Appeal - Spring 2015

Spring brings renewed hope, especially perhaps to college students who are looking forward to graduation--and to those who have helped them reach their goal.

Click here for December 2014 News & Appeal

We must never give up our hope--or our efforts--for peace. There are as many avenues toward peace as there are people who strive toward it. The Iraqi Student Project has chosen education as our way to establish lasting peace, and we are grateful that you have joined us in that effort. At a time of year which many see as a season of peace, may you be richly rewarded for your support of our mission and our students. Their learning and their lives are an encouraging example of what efforts for peace can achieve.