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/We must never give up our hope--or our efforts--for peace. There are as many avenues toward peace as there are people who strive toward it. The Iraqi Student Project has chosen education as our way to establish lasting peace, and we are grateful that you have joined us in that effort. At a time of year which many see as a season of peace, may you be richly rewarded for your support of our mission and our students. Their learning and their lives are an encouraging example of what efforts for peace can achieve.

On the Ground Update on the Situation in Iraq

/Click on the title to read a letter from Dr. Sarah AK Ahmed, Director of Operations for The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME) and Personal Assistant to Canon Andrew White, detailing her experiences over the last year as the crisis with ISIS in Iraq has escalated to increasing levels of severity. Sarah is a former ISP student. She provides an inside perspective on the crisis, and shares stories from her vast experiences. Please read this letter and share it with your friends and family.

ISP News Summer 2014

Looking back, it often seems impossible that so much can be accomplished when the need is so great and continues to grow! But it doesn't seem impossible to our students. Given the further deterioration of the situation in Iraq and Syria, our students are all the more mindful of and grateful for what your love and support has made possible. We feature some of their stories in this issue of the ISP newsletter.

Iraqi Student Project: a progress report

/Graduates from ISP are beginning to emerge from the US educational system. We report on the success of a project that now finds itself caught in the crossfire in Syria. Stephen Starr writes in The National, which has set a new standard of quality English-language journalism in the Middle East.

Iraq – What Next?

Comments by Hans-C. von Sponeck
/Hearing at the UK House of Commons, London 10 June 2014.
"My contribution at this hearing is not about the crimes of dictatorship or the details of Iraqi suffering. For both well-researched data is available. The objective of my participation is to make two detailed observations about externally driven Iraq politics during the period 1990-2014. Today’s tragic Iraq reality can only be understood if the additive impact of the years before and the years following the US/UK Governments’ illegal invasion and occupation is fully taken into account. Involved are 3 distinct time periods . . . ."

EPIC: Empowering Youth for Peace in Iraq

/This podcast conveys the imperative message that even grassroots efforts can have a tremendous impact on the lives of many individuals. It also demonstrates the importance of connecting Iraqis with Americans, and offering the US public an opportunity to experience and learn from the strong, ancient and historic culture and traditions of Iraq and its people.

National Catholic Reporter features ISP

/An Overview of ISP in the NCR. Photo L to R: Ahmed (Fontbonne University, St Louis MO), Awss (Lewis University, Romeoville IL) Theresa Kubasak (co-founder of ISP), Riyam (Regis University, Denver CO), and Mustafa (Christian Brothers University, Memphis TN).

News from ISP

/Our Iraqi students have distinguished themselves in so many ways during their time at US colleges and universities. Our pride in their accomplishments grows with every step they take toward graduation. In this issue of our newsletter, we highlight not only their academic achievements but their involvement in extra-curricular activities as well. More students' stories will appear in the next issue of ISP NEWS.
The stories you read here will, we hope, inspire you to give generously. Our students are a very good investment for your goodness. Wishing you every blessing.

Graduation Days at ISP

/Celebrating what your generosity makes possible . . . . This Spring, fifteen graduated with degrees in a variety of disciplines. Three of them, Mohammed, Anas, and Mustafa, graduated from the College of St. Benedict in Duluth, MN.

Helping Refugees Get a College Education

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