Sarah Glidden: Author, Artist, Friend of ISP

Rolling Blackouts Image


Cartoonist Sarah Glidden accompanies her two friends―reporters and founders of a journalism non-profit―as they research potential stories on the effects of the Iraq War on the Middle East and, specifically, the war’s refugees. Joining the trio is a childhood friend and former Marine whose past service in Iraq adds an unexpected and sometimes unwelcome viewpoint, both to the people they come across and perhaps even themselves.

As the crew works their way through Turkey, Iraq, and Syria, Glidden observes the reporters as they ask civilians, refugees, and officials, “Who are you?” Everyone has a story to tell: the Iranian blogger, the United Nations refugee administrator, a taxi driver, the Iraqi refugee deported from the US, the Iraqis seeking refuge in Syria, and even the American Marine.

Glidden records all that she encounters with a sympathetic and searching eye. Painted in her trademark soft, muted watercolors and written with a self-effacing humor, Rolling Blackouts cements Glidden’s place as one of today’s most original nonfiction voices.


Sarah Glidden has been a friend of The Iraqi Student Project for many years. In the course of her extraordinary efforts on our behalf, she has worked closely with ISP Founders Gabe Huck and Theresa Kubasak, as well as ISP students. Sarah continues to assist the cause of refugees everywhere through her graphic books, comics, and blog. Check out her website at http://sarahglidden.comRolling Blackouts is available at Amazon by clicking here